Tailored Sales Training

1-350x225There is now a huge body of research that shows that traditional approaches to sales training have little long term affect and in fact research by Miller Heineman suggests that 80% of what is delivered in a sales training course is lost within a few weeks.

In forward looking organisations who don’t have a budget to burn this 80% loss is mitgated by post course coaching support and reinforcment training and although this is importasnt in the learning cycle it is only half the picture. As much as the back end contributes to learning retention and application the future lies with front end diagnostics.

We can save you wasting money on training that isn’t going to work. We use a world class on line skills assessment tool as standard in developing tailored solutions to identify specifically what individual and group needs your sales people have and design unique solutions to meet those needs.

2-350x225We do not believe in a one size fits all approach so we design courses around skills gaps benchmarked against a global high performer in a given sales role. Where

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an off the shelf process based approach can often create a quick fix our training solutions are about developing sales people for long term revenue improvement.

In our approach we believe in developing competence not courses:

  • Define sales role and key competences: Behaviour, skills & capability
  • Assess and contrast an internal high performer and an average performer against a global high performer benchmark
  • Option to cascade assessment to all sales people
  • This provides a clear gap analysis of competence against a global high performer benchmark with recommendations for training, coaching or mentoring that develops and support above average performance.
  • Sales performance does not take place in a vacuum so we add context by analysing sales process gaps, find supporting links with marketing and changes or challenges in your market space that affect sales performance.
  • We identify needs that are better dealt with organisationally that affect sales performance but are not training and development issues.
  • We design tailored training modules where we turn high performance behaviour and skills competence gaps into training that works so you achieve improvement rapidly and cost effectively.
  • We recommend strategies for transfer of learning, evaluation and validation to ensure real improvements in sales results.

To discuss how we can help you create sales high performers call Shekhar on +44 1934 843 575 or contact us.