Choosing the wrong person turns an investment into a cost

Need to raise your game

As a training & development company you might think it a bit odd for us to offer to help you recruit however if you are building a sales force that can excel then recruitment is an important part of your strategy.

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Identifying which candidates have potential and what investment you need to make before hiring them is a key to how best in class companies grow revenue.

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The real cost of getting it wrong

When recruiting sales people there are the obvious upfront costs such as placing adverts, maybe using a recruitment agency, the actual cost of your time?
If all goes well then recovery of those costs from a high performing sales person is relatively short term and although you may consider the down side cost most of us want to believe that this was the right choice and all will go well that is until it goes wrong.
When we choose the wrong sales person there are also hidden costs that creep up on us:

  • Lost deals and opportunity
  • Lost sales management time
  • Lost customer credibility
  • Missing the right person, who has now gone elsewhere?

How to make a better choice

80% of the people that you see have the potential to be extraordinary and perform at an above average level.
Often we choose people based on track record and our judgement on cultural fit to our sales team, product and company. Unfortunately although cultural fit tells us that “they should fit in” it is a poor predictor of future performance. Even the interview can be faked by someone who is experienced in answering questions at interviews so their answers are brave, bold and just what you are looking for but this may hide their real competence level. Even when you have taken them on it maybe months before you can make a judgement that this really is the wrong person and so the process of recruitment starts again.

Some choices are an obvious yes or no but the majority are in the “probably” category however by using the Sales Talent Assessment you can turn “probably” into an investment decision. The STA shows you where you need to focus your questioning enabling you to probe sales situations where a candidate might be challenged. If the candidate makes it to your shortlist you will see how much headroom a candidate has and specifically what competence you need to develop to support above average performance.

With the STA and minimal guidance from us you will have a performance related personal development plan that reduces the risk of making a bad choice. What’s more because the STA is independent

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and objective so you are not tied to sending them on a training course integral to the assessment.

Finally the STA is not a tool to reject candidates but to enable you to ask and answer the question “If we take the this person on what investment do we need to make to create above average performance and how do we need to manage them to support their performance?” By having a development map you can decide if you have the resources to employ a candidate who is a “probably” leaving you to focus on future sales development.

Having in-depth data right from the start means you have the right people in the right role with the potential and the means to produce above average sales results

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