Account Management Training


Successful Account Management is critical if a business is to prosper and grow. The Account Manager needs to be highly accomplished across a broad range of Personal, Interpersonal and Organisational skills. SDV Sales Training are specialists in developing the range of skills needed for Account Managers to develop confidence and competence in their role.

Who will benefit from this course?

Sales people with a significant number of existing customers where their primary focus is to develop more business from an existing customer portfolio.

Objectives: Delegates will learn how to:

  • Organise a portfolio of customers to invest the right time with the right customers doing the right things.
  • Initiate and manage accounts for deeper penetration and greater profit.
  • Build competitive walls around customers.

Method and approach:

Case studies, role-plays, discussions, trainer input, application to your existing portfolio.

Building blocks:

  • Using a matrix approach to organise a portfolio into manageable quadrants to explore the best approach for each quadrant to maximise opportunity.
  • The account management cycle “ understanding the account life cycle and developing strategy and tactics to increase customer spend and extend the life of the account.
  • Planning a portfolio sales campaign: using a case study then applying this to their own customers delegates will be shown how to move from a reactive to a planned approach to sales campaigning within a customer segment.Delegates will put together a plan for use post course.
  • Building competitive walls: how to ensure that you keep the competition out and focus on increasing your share of the customer™s wallet this includes a session on procurement practice and how understanding how this works can help improve your positioning.
  • Finance for sales: understanding financial data has never been more crucial in today™s business environment account managers will learn what questions to ask about the financial impact of their relationship and create stronger ROI.
  • Managing others: this is key aspect to account management so that customers can fully realise the benefits of their relationship with you; this requires skill to influencing your own fulfilment team most or all of whom won™t be reporting to
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    you. This session is about focusing that virtual team around clusters of customers.