Negotiating the sale

Winning the sales these days may not be enough to keep it.Every contact

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with a customer can involve some form of negotiating. Sales people need the skills to build and maintain margins. This course shows you straightforward negotiating technique that helps to close deals and maintain win win relationships.

Who will benefit from attending this programme?

All sales people, sales managers and others who impact on closing deals with customers will feel the real benefit of this course. This is especially so for organisations where market share is

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being won solely at the cost of profit plus anyone who needs to add greater depth to his or her selling skills.

What is our approach?

A course based solely on input, even from the best trainers, cannot ensure that people live what they have learned. This course uses role-plays, video for feedback, discussion and tutorial input to facilitate effective learning. We focus on your situation so you develop action points that apply to your business environment.

The course is designed for a maximum of 12 delegates

The duration is 2-3 days.

Course objectives:

By the end of the programme delegates will be able to:

  • Prepare to conduct a win win negotiation.
  • Learn to trade for a deal not argue a position.
  • Recognise and neutralise unhelpful conflict in a negotiation.
  • Adapt their personal style to interact with different negotiating styles.
  • Close more profitable deals.

The building blocks of the course are:

  • Defining Negotiation: what it is what is isn™t, there is much confusion about what actually constitutes a negotiation and what conditions and behaviours need to be present to ensure win win success.
  • Fundamentals of exchange: trading value: at the heart of negotiating is the ability to make value based trades that take account of more than just price.
  • Negotiating styles: This session explores style ; there are no right styles but there are styles that will be more effective than others when building long-term relationships.
  • Coping with conflict: either by intent or accident not all negotiations go well, this session gives tools into how individual sales people can cope with conflict and alternative tactics open to them.
  • Effective preparation: whether it is in the lift on the way up to the negotiation or sitting down and preparing over time this is an essential session that stops you ever conducting again a negotiation on a wing and a prayer.
  • Negotiating change: time and again the sales person feels in the front line as they go to impose a change on the customer, this session explores how to do this and minimise the risk to key relationships.
  • Negotiating tactics: How to move the deal forward in the negotiation.
  • Negotiating as part of a team: You can get more trouble from your own team than you ever will from the other side, and some of those you face are literally banking on it. Team roles, team preparation and team discipline are all subjects tackled here.
  • Closing the negotiation & back to field action planning.