Channel manager

Who will benefit from attending?

Sales staff who are responsible for engaging dealers and key distributors to achieve mutual sustainable business success.

Method and approach

Uses case study, role plays and video, discussion and trainer input. This module is fully supported by optional app learning bursts.

Objective: what delegates will learn.

  • How to create revenue growth plans with dealers that align with your company strategy.
  • How to manage channel partners to implement sales growth plans.
  • Understand the role of technology to monitor and support channel partners.

Building blocks:

  • What is channel management: this session defines what channel management is and what it is not. The importance of balancing the channel manager™s technical, selling and managing roles..
  • Recruitment & on boarding: How to identify potential partners, key steps in recruitment, contracting and ramping up performance.
  • Planning: how to engage and support channel partners to write an effective sales plan. What is your role in helping channel partners to implement their plan? When and how do you intervene?
  • Performance management: What gets rewarded gets done how to incentivise performance and ensure you incentivise the right behaviours. How do you get the best out of people and what to do if the channel partner™s performance isn™t working, conducting and learning from the exit interview?
  • Influence: channel partners are often independent businesses where influencing results is more appropriate than trying to command and control this session is a practical approach to developing skills and structure to motivate and coach for continuous performance improvement.
  • Technology: What technology is available to support you and your channel partners, what do you do with it and how do you get your partners to use the technology.
  • Running a virtual team: how channel managers can influence and communicate with their internal team so that partners can leverage the brand and give end user service and fulfilment that will excel.